About the Designers

About the Designers

Giorgio’s Tailors has established itself as a quintessential Okinawan experience rather than “just another suit shop”. Located on Gate 2 Street, a multicultural archive of history and diversity, Giorgio’s has warmly welcomed US military and local Japanese clients and patrons since 1974.

Giorgio’s Tailors was founded by Mr. Nick Khiani who came to Okinawa in 1967. After working for a number of years providing uniforms and custom tailoring services for the U.S. Armed Forces stationed on the island, he decided to open his own workshop and call Okinawa home. It was during these times he realized his passion for the art and craft of bespoke tailoring. From choosing fabrics, discussing details with his clients and giving suggestions, helped him develop an eye for design and style.

While pursuing his passion, the highest reward for him was when he would get thank you letters from his customers that went back home to the states after a long tour of duty overseas. They would wear his suits and receive a lot of compliments from their family and friends upon their return which made him feel a part of their journey.

Over 40 years on, Giorgio’s tailors is still a well-known name both with local Japanese customers and US military and civilian personnel on the island. Giorgio’s offers impeccable workmanship using the best quality of fabric from across Europe and we pride ourselves in making our suits locally here in Japan.

Sachin Khiani, second generation proprietor, in his youth would help at his father’s store after school. As a young boy he enjoyed meeting people from all over the world at the store and somehow knew that his passion for design and the craft of fine tailoring is something he will eventually be doing and carrying on.
After graduating university in Tokyo, Sachin went on to working in various fields from International Trade, Design and Ecommerce. While working in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other cities across Asia, he would wear suits made by Giorgio’s Tailors to meetings with his clients and managers and would receive a ton of compliments and attention due to the suits his father had made for him. It was then he realized the value of a well-made suit and decided it was time to return home to Okinawa and take Giorgio’s Tailors to the next level and carry on the family business and tradition that started in 1974 on this beautiful island paradise of Okinawa. The Real Gem of Asia.